NeurOmics -omics data now available from the EGA


The NeurOmics consortium generated a variety of phenotype, sequencing and other –omics data (transcriptomics, lipidomics, metabolomics).


Data was combined into datasets according to disease group and data type. These datasets are stored at the European Genome-Phenome Archive (EGA). Please search the EGA for “neuromics” to get an overview of available datasets and their respective dataset IDs. A list of available datasets can also be found here (I would here link to the main page 'Omics data). 


Controlled access to NeurOmics datasets can be requested by filling in the NeurOmics Data Access Agreement (link the download here) and sending it to the Data Access Committee.


The Data Access Committee (DAC) will discuss your request and will inform you about its decision and further steps. For more info see here